Mobile Money Making Games: How Much Can You Expect?

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There has been a surge of those games in the last few years. Plenty of reviews if you search the internet but they didn’t cash out, they just play the game a few minutes to make a review.

One YouTube channel makes a ton of review of those games:

But there’s no information on how much you can expect to make per hour. For sure, you cannot make hundreds of dollars a day (or even thousands) like some games are saying. The question to answer is just how much really (if any).

A few notes worth mentioning:

  • This review is mid-2022, things might change in the future
  • All those games need an internet connection but they don’t take much data
  • You can get more money than the figures below by playing everyday with the Daily Rewards (which I didn’t)
  • There’s a ton of money games, however, most are fake / scam games
  • There’s still quite a few real cash games, I didn’t test them all but the most well-known
  • Most of them have ads and some are buggy: black screen and needs to restart the game
  • All those money games are wasting the battery on your phone, in the end, I would guess you are probably losing money!

Here’s some real data based on my personal experience from the best to the worst.

Rewarded Play

  • 4.11$ CAD per hour
  • Received a 5$ CAD Amazon Gift Card in 73 minutes
  • That was fast for 5$ but you get easy rewards when you start, I would guess that if you continue playing, the easy rewards will drop so you will make less per hour
  • They don’t offer PayPal
  • Seems to be for Canada only
  • Few different games which are fun and well-made

Money Well

  • 1.49$ CAD per hour
  • Received 3.06$ CAD in PayPal in 123 minutes
  • Cash out with PayPal, Amazon or Starbucks
  • You make around 100 to 600 Tickets a minute depending on the daily bonus reward game
  • Lots of games to choose from but they are simpe games: Caesar’s Slot Machine, Match games, Cards games, Words games and so on


  • 1.16$ CAD per hour
  • Received 5$ Amazon Gift Card in 258 minutes
  • No PayPal, just gift cards
  • Ton of games to choose from and they keep adding new ones
  • The games they offer are popular games
  • To earn money (Units) as much as possible, play daily and play different games
  • MistPlay is really something, a real professional game application
  • There isn’t much ads, they expect you to install games and buy stuff in it
  • If you play plenty of games, you might as well use MistPlay and get some rewards


  • 0.41$ CAD per hour
  • Received 1.22$ CAD in 181 minutes
  • Now we start to get into the real fake cash game
  • Cash out every 24h and no minimum except PayPal because of transaction fee
  • You earn Coins by playing and every 24h your Coins are converted to money so you can cash out
  • A few games to choose from, mostly badly and simple designed games, a bit fun but you get easily bored after a few minutes
  • They have a ton of ads, when you play the game after a minute or so you get an “Ads Break”
  • JustPlay says that only USA is supported but I was able to cashout from Canada

Blackout Bingo

  • 0.33$ CAD per hour
  • Received a 2$ Amazon Gift Card in 385 minutes
  • The Gift Card was linked to Amazon USA so I wasn’t able to use it, maybe there is a way to use it on Amazon Canada but I haven’t found out how
  • Cash out at 2$ with Amazon but 5$ needed for PayPal
  • Different games available: Bingo, 21 Gold, Tile Matching, Solitaire, Yathzee
  • To earn money, first you watch many ads to earn Tickets, then you should play games to earn more Tickets and finally you use the Tickets to play games to earn real money
  • Repeat this painful process many times
  • Have to play often and daily
  • Ton of ads everywhere
  • While the Bingo is fun to play, the whole experience was a pain

Match to Win

  • 0.00$ CAD per hour
  • Received 0$ in 789 minutes
  • I’m stuck at 6.55$ but you can only cash out at 7$, the game doesn’t give more money, clearly a scam
  • This game has a ton of ads like no other game
  • It’s a Bejeweled / Candy Crush type of game
  • Plenty of stuff in the games (spin, scratcher, match game, lotto, sweepstake) and a ton of ads
  • Takes about 40 minutes to collect all the Daily Rewards
  • Annoying game, kind of went fast to go to 4$ but after this it was a pain, gaining 0.05$ per 40 minutes

Cash Slots

  • 0.00$ CAD per hour
  • Received 0$ in 64 minutes
  • The reason is that you can only cash out at 360$ and I reached 0.588$
  • If you make 0.5$ in 1h, that means you need 180h to reach 360$
  • If that is really the case, which I doubt, this means you would be able to make 2$ per hour

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