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Torrent of all the videos of Khan Academy as of 2015-07-29


Khan Academy is a website offering thousands of free educational videos on a lot of different subjects, be it Mathematics, Science, History, Economics, Astronomy, Art history and a lot more! The Wikipedia article of Khan Academy give details information on what it is exactly.

The videos are available on their website where you can (optionally) log in, this will give you some features like tracking what you have watched, commenting and asking questions to other people, doing tests and when you pass them very succesfully, the website will optimally show you new videos instead of showing you videos that you do not need to watch because you have understood a specific subject very well. When you use their website, the team behind Khan Academy also track what you are doing so they can improve their website. There is no doubt that by using their website you can learn faster than if you download all the videos on your computer.

However, for various reasons it might be best to download all the videos on your computer. People who do not have access to the internet is one of the main reason. For this, you can download the videos and bring them to people that has no internet connection.

How to download the videos

Download a torrent software, many are available. If you do not know what bittorrent is, first read the Torrents 101: How Torrent Downloading Works article. One torrent software that is free and open source like Khan Academy is Deluge. Available for Windows, OS X and Linux. Install it, open it, click on File > Add Torrent > File and select the torrent file that is posted at the top of this page.

Information on the torrent

The torrent is available at all times, you will have a fast download speed when downloading them. It is extremely well organized with descriptive titles. All the videos are in WEBM format which can be played on every operating system, it’s an open format with good quality that doesn’t take much space compared to other video format. We recommend using the free and open source VLC Media Player to play them.

Here’s a preview of some of the videos and how they are organized.

Arts and humanities/01 - History - 04 - Before 1300_ Ancient and Medieval history/02 - Medieval - 02 - Charlemagne_ An introduction (1 of 2).webm
Arts and humanities/08 - Renaissance and Reformation in Europe - 03 - High Renaissance in Florence and Rome/04 - Raphael - 02 - Raphael, Madonna of the Goldfinch.webm
Arts and humanities/12 - Expressionism to Pop Art - 03 - World War I, Futurism and Dada/01 - Futurism and the Great War - 03 - Duchamp-Villon, Horse.webm
Economics and finance/03 - Finance and capital markets - 06 - Stocks and bonds/05 - Life of a company--from birth to death - 02 - Getting a seed round from a VC.webm
Math/15 - Trigonometry - 04 - Trig identities and examples/03 - Angle addition formulas - 03 - Another example using angle addition formula with cosine.webm
Math/21 - Differential equations - 02 - Second order linear equations/01 - Linear homogeneous equations - 01 - 2nd order linear homogeneous differential equations 1.webm
Partner content/02 - Tate - 03 - Women in Art and Art History/04 - Women's Issues in Art - 01 - Margaret Harrison_ Feminism, irony, and women's rights.webm
Science/01 - Biology - 05 - Cellular and molecular biology/02 - Introduction to cell division - 01 - Fertilization terminology_ gametes, zygotes, haploid and diploid.webm
Science/04 - Organic chemistry - 02 - Resonance and acid-base chemistry/01 - Counting electrons - 01 - Comparing formal charges to oxidation states.webm
Science/06 - Health and medicine - 04 - Advanced respiratory system physiology/01 - Respiratory system introduction - 07 - The lungs and pulmonary system.webm


2015-07-29 Total of 11136 videos, 119067 MBs, 1301 hours
2015-01-25 Total of 10136 videos, 107613 MBs, 1181 hours
2014-01-25 Total of  6694 videos,  63081 MBs,  817 hours
2013-05-08 Total of  4567 videos,  44351 MBs,  627 hours
2013-01-29 Total of  3883 videos,  38257 MBs,  549 hours
2012-03-28 Total of  3029 videos,  51030 MBs,  466 hours
2011-10-27 Total of  2683 videos,  44760 MBs,  414 hours
2011-08-09 Total of  2523 videos,  41575 MBs,  392 hours
2011-05-06 Total of  2062 videos,  17198 MBs,  325 hours
2010-12-10 Total of  1732 videos,  29708 MBs,  292 hours
2010-10-28 Total of  1618 videos,  26484 MBs,  273 hours


How do I only download specific videos? I do not want to download everything!

One of the most useful feature with torrents is that you can download just what you need. Every torrent software has this option. In Deluge, click on your torrent and look at the Files tab at the bottom, you can right-click on folders and select “Do not download”.

When will a new torrent file be released with new videos?

There is no release dates. This torrent is voluntary work so it happens only when we find the time to make a new one. It usually happens once or twice a year.

A new torrent is out, can I download it over the old torrent I had so as to save bandwidth?

Khan Academy regularly change the structure, folder names and filenames so it is better to delete everything and start downloading the new torrent.

Why is some filenames of video cut-off?

Windows filesystem, unfortunately, has a limit of around 255 characters for the complete path with the filename. So we have implemented a limit of 200 characters for the path and the filename of each videos. The remaining 55 characters is left for the path that the user will download the torrent (i.e. C:\Users\name\Downloads).

How do subtitles work exactly?

A subtitle file, which has an extension .srt, is just a text file containing all the subtitles of a video. To be able to use it, the subtitle file must have the exact same filename as the video and be in the same folder as the video. By just opening the video with VLC Media Player, it will automatically read the subtitle file.

To copy the subtitles files in the same folder as the videos, go into the Subtitles folder, unzip the language file that you need and just copy all the folders into the folder video so as to merge them. It will place all the subtitles files in the right folder. Note that there isn’t subtitles files for every video. Unfortunately, not all videos are translated.

45 Responses to “Khan Academy – Torrent of all the videos”

  1. Murtadha

    Thank you so much.
    please can u update the torrent and add the new videos from khan academy?

    • Zurd Zurd

      Quite busy at the moment but I will do it for sure in just a few months 🙂

  2. GV

    Thank you very much Zurd! Very kind of you to do so much and for free! You saved an unbelievable amount of time, by no doubt taking an unbelievable amount of your time. God bless!

    • GV

      And thank you to the seeders as well!

    • Zurd Zurd

      My pleasure! Though this torrent is getting quite old, i’ll try to prioritize making a new one in the next few weeks!

  3. shavkat
    • shavkat

      can you please seed. i am from uzbekistan and my internet speed is 30kb/s.

      • Zurd Zurd

        Torrent was in paused state unfortunately. It’s running again now!

  4. Akbar

    Bro, there’s only one seeder in this torrent. such a same for great content.

    • Zurd Zurd

      Yes I’m the one seeding. It is on a seedbox with a 20 Mbps upload speed so there should be a good download speed.

  5. sadjio

    Are you planning on doing another update this year? Thanks for your hard work, I imagine creating this torrent is very difficult!

    • Zurd Zurd

      I will add in my to do list to create a new torrent. This year for sure since it’s been a long time I haven’t done one!

      First torrent was hard to do but now it’s quite easier since I have a script and the procedure written down, it just take a bit of time 🙂

  6. Zapper

    Excellent resource. Just started to download, but it stopped midway. No seeds for the last two days. Please help.

  7. viral

    there is no seeders..pls update file

  8. karthik

    Guys can anyone help me. The internet connection in and near my house are not enough to download all is anyone planning sell a cd or drive with all videos plzz let its cost be minimum .i am in Tamil Nadu un india

    • karthik

      Zurd plzz help me out guys I have needing it for a year
      And my uTorrent still says it needs28yrs to download with my interenet connection

      • Zurd Zurd

        You can always watch it on youtube! Find someone with a better internet connection. It will take about 30 DVDs to fit everything, that is a lot.

  9. Farbod

    hey there Zurd!
    I am going to download the videos but since you’ve said that you are going to update the torrent, should I just download them now? or wait or something? am I going to miss something?

    • Zurd Zurd

      Go ahead and download everything, I’m not ready yet to make a new torrent. I’ll make a new one this summer so there’s still a few months left! 🙂

  10. Arash A

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for adding subtitles.

  11. karthik

    Guys ,my download of khan academy videos is in progress.i have a couple of videos in the download destination ,but tried to play em with windows media player it says extension web.m cant be how would I be able to play these videos.

  12. Susan Chang

    I know it’s been a year since you last posted this new torrent, but I’d just like to thank you for setting this up!

    • Zurd Zurd

      Well last torrent was 2015-07-29, so it’s been 5 months and a half not one year! I will release another torrent with the latest videos in a few months, stay tuned! Thanks for your comment!

  13. Sohrab

    This is wonderful. Thank you very much. This is great help for people who can’t access Khanacademy directly. Thanks a lot.

  14. Student

    This torrent is unseeded, which is too bad because I could really use it. Can you drop me an email or something if you start reseeding, Zurd? 🙂

    • Zurd Zurd

      Sometimes this torrent goes to Pause in my seedbox. No idea why but I always restart it. I check it around once a week. It’s been running for at least the past 3 days without problem!

  15. Mishra

    sir, I am unable to download it using bitcomet. what should i do as now it has no seeder ……. please reply soon.

    • Zurd Zurd

      Like I said below to someone else, there was a problem with the seedbox, it lasted just a few days though. We are 4 peers connected at the moment, working quite fine!

      • Mishra

        Sorry Sir/Ma’am but torrent has stopped on 1.5% and not proceeding because of no seeders.
        I request you to look into this matter and please rectify the problem. i will be very grateful to you.

  16. student

    Unable to download in that torrent, not connecting to peers. Error in the tracker. Can anyone fix it ?

    • Zurd Zurd

      There was some problem with the seedbox at that time which lasted for a few days. It’s been seeding fine for quite some weeks now!

  17. Arash A

    Thank you, so much. I think it would be so much better if you could include each video subtitle in the torrent also and I would be very thankful if you show me anyway that I could get all the subtitles by my self. Thank you.

    • Zurd Zurd

      I always wanted to add the subtitles too but kind of forgotten all about it!

      I will see what I can do in the next torrent!


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