Ikari Warriors – Nintendo – 1987

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This post is just a few tips and notes on the game plus what I went through to finally beat the game without the cheat code ABBA.




Here is the Complete Map. Other maps are incomplete so I had to make my own. It’s also one image file for all stages. Be warned, it’s 18.3 MB with a resolution of 1694 x 24734 pixels! In truth, it’s not fully complete but there isn’t much missing in it.


  • All powerups are mandatory to obtain (F, L, S, B, SS and Knife) except Triple Shot but you just need to take all of them once, they don’t stack
  • Hearts are mandatory too so that you keep your items for next stage; there is always one near the end of each stage
  • Golden Heart gives you all powerups at once, very useful if you lost everything
  • Analyze the map and memorize everything
  • Play often; it’s no good if you play only once a week, you will forget the game
  • Save the game many many times at first to practice, finish the game with saved games a few times so you get better but only save with a perfect run when you have all the powerups and haven’t lost a life
  • The more you finish the game with saved games, the less you should save the game; if you’re able to finish the game with only one save per level, you should be ready to finish the game without any save
  • Some elements are random (blue soldier placement, fuel powerups, tanks giving a tank), you have to be lucky to make a good run
  • Most elements like tanks, choppers, pink soldiers, kamikazes and more are not random, you have to remember all of their position and find the right angle to kill them before you even see them on the screen
  • Worst enemy of all are “drunken blue soldier”, just the regular blue soldier shooting bullets but for some random reason they come, follow and shoot at you; kill as much as possible the blue soldier, analyze their behavior, you can spot them before they kill you
  • The explosion of your grenades or your tank’s missile cannot kill you
  • Randomly, the big tanks can shoot before you see them, so be careful and don’t be in their way; however, before you see them, if you hear them shoot and see no missile, then you’re fine
  • Playing the the D-Pad is really hard on the fingers, it helps to play with a joystick
  • If you keep blowing yourself in a tank or chopper when going out, it means your controller is bad, use another one
  • You don’t need to waste your time by taking all items, kill all enemies and buildings to make more points for more lives; just don’t die too often!
  • You can do a really good speedrun if: 1) in stage 3, after you get the chopper, if you kill the next tank further down you can randomly have fuel and 2) in stage 4, when you get the chopper, you can randomly get fuel at this place. Both of those stage can be finished with the chopper up to the end
  • Watch video of people playing on speedrun.com, it really helps to see their strategy
  • Some blue guy kamikaze that go under water are actually on land and cannot be differentiate from regular blue guy, look at them in the map and memorize their locations
  • You can shoot in any direction with the chopper without moving, just press the direction and stop moving
  • Shoot at the feet of the blue soldier, else the bullet can pass through them, especially true if they are in the water
  • If you have the knife, the bees in Stage 2 cannot kill you
  • If you have the knife, the lasers from the Laser soldiers at the end of stage 4 cannot kill you, however, don’t let them touch you because they explode; same when you kill them, they explode so be careful even with the chopper
  • Stage 1 needs to be done perfectly: no life lost, obtain all powerups including the Heart, then in stage 2, get the first tank and then the Heart without losing a life; if you don’t, it’s better to start all over again
  • You can actually pass stairs with a tank (stage 3 and 4), just go at an 45 angle and you will move up but you will lose a lot of time since it moves so slowly
  • Use the walls in stage 2 or the pipes in stage 3 to hide and protect yourself from bullets of blue soldier
  • If you take a tank or chopper then the H powerup which give you 200 fuel, do not take a regular fuel powerup else you will drop to 100 fuel
  • Chopper Glitch: enter a chopper and don’t release the button, then press without releasing the other button, move forward and let go one button, you’ll be able to exit the chopper but continue just like you’re still in it; for stage 1 you can finish it but for stage 3 and 4, you need to do the trick at the same time as to die in the chopper so that when you get out of the chopper, you will die else you won’t be able to finish the stage

Complete Run

On 2022-01-15, I was able to finally finish this game after 117h of game play. Took me 8 months. I calculated about 838 deaths, it’s really a gross estimate. Last good run took me 52m 56s.

On 2022-03-19, I was able, again, to finish the game a second time after 15h of game play. This game I used the Chopper Glitch trick and was able to do a world record of 34m and 43s. I wasted about 90 to 120 seconds at the start of stage 4 so it’s still possible to do a better run!

As of 2022-03-20:

This is my first run of 52m 56s:

This is my second run with only 34m 43s:

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