How to download videos from (and convert to mp3)

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Here’s a simple and free way to download videos from, I’m writing this because I haven’t found anything on the web. I tried Ant Video Downloader but it doesn’t work. Then there’s GetFLV but you have to pay for it. There’s also a few online websites that can do it for you but none of them worked.

First, open up the page of the video and check out the source page, in Firefox you can just right-click anywhere on the page and select ‘View Page Source’. At around line 215, you should see something like that :

<script type="text/javascript">
                'width': '640',                       
        'height': '384',
        'players': [ {type: 'flash', src: '/player/player.swf'} ],

You need to copy the file part and appending before so it looks like that :

If you paste this in Firefox, it will play the video and on Windows you can just right-click the video and choose “Save Video As…” and it will download it! In Linux however, GNOME Mplayer might get in the way, but you just need to open up a terminal and type:


And finally, to convert it, if you’re in Linux just type in a terminal:

avconv -i downloaded_video.mp4 audio.wav
lame -h audio.wav audio.mp3

You will now have your audio file which is audio.mp3. If you’re in Windows, it’s a bit more complicated but you can achieve the same thing with Avidemux.

7 Responses to “How to download videos from (and convert to mp3)”

  1. Chris

    Something have changed in the source page, because I cannot find the file any more. Till recently the given method worked beautifully.

    • Avatar photo Zurd

      Indeed, everything has changed unfortunately.

      Have you tried DownloadHelper for Firefox? This one might still work.

      • Chris

        thank you for your fast reply. No not yet, but if you recommend that one, I will try it than. Thank you again. The given method on this site was very helpful for years.

  2. Flood

    You can give a try with the plugin DownloadHelper for Firefox. It works pretty well!

    • Zurd

      Downloaded and tried it, there’s over 200 sites it’s working on but not for sibnet!


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