Electronic cigarettes business cards

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I was a bit tired of having to explain what is an ecig so I thought it would be a good idea to have a business card with the basic information on it. Turns out there’s plenty of business cards on the internet and they’re all missing som crucial information on each of them. So I merged them together.

If you’re interested in having some too, you can download the image files and use them on site like www.vistaprint.ca so they can print it and ship it to you. Cost about 25$ for 250 cards. Or just go to your local printing shop. Here’s the two image file in PNG format :

And here’s the same image but in XCF format, you can open them with GIMP, a free, open source, image editor which will let you modify anything you want on the card.

ecig business cards (front) ecig business cards (back)

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