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Linux Mint - Mate

Simple automatic script to configure Linux Mate after an installation

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I tend to format and reinstall my operating systems quite often. Usually every 6 months with each new releases of Linux Mint. I like seeing the changes they’ve done in the installation process steps and I like starting over from scratch, getting rid of all the useless softwares, configurations and tests that I’ve installed or […]

How to configure a multi mouse button in Linux

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I just got a multi mouse button for the first time, I usually was avoiding them because I was sure they wouldn’t work in Linux. I was wrong. Here’s a short and easy tutorial on how to configure one. For my mouse and what I wanted to do, there’s 2 buttons on the left side […]

Install latest Flash on latest Firefox in Linux

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For various reasons I wanted to install the latest Firefox with the latest Flash on my Linux computer. Should be quick and easy right. Turns out there’s a few exceptions! First step is easy, download Firefox, the one I got was firefox-24.0.tar.bz2 Extract it and put the firefox folder in your home folder so it […]