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Mobile Money Making Games: How Much Can You Expect?

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There has been a surge of those games in the last few years. Plenty of reviews if you search the internet but they didn’t cash out, they just play the game a few minutes to make a review. One YouTube channel makes a ton of review of those games: But there’s no information on […]

Ikari Warriors – Nintendo – 1987

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This post is just a few tips and notes on the game plus what I went through to finally beat the game without the cheat code ABBA. Links GameFAQS Wikipedia SpeedRun Map Here is the Complete Map. Other maps are incomplete so I had to make my own. It’s also one image file for all […]

A tribute to Adventures of Lolo and others

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This page is a tribute to the Nintendo game Adventures of Lolo and all other games which are look alike. This is a simple puzzle type game where you basically just push blocks but can be extremely challenging given some complex variations! This will be an ongoing work where I list games in chronological order […]

Farmville 2

Fastest way to make money in Farmville 2 (no cheats)

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Updated January, 7th 2016 – I’m now at level 152 Note: I started out this guide on how to make the most money in Farmville 2, however I found out how to have lots of money, now the problem turned out to be the experience so I have tweaked this guide on how to get […]

Swords of Chaos

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Active servers (website) (telnet) – Replica of Seabreeze with the Polestar building (telnet) Information Here is the whole map of the game. Name : Swords of Chaos Developer : GamePort Latest release version : 4.17 (around 1996) Released : 1990 Genre : Role-playing game Platform : Telnet with a server running MajorBBS […]

Toxic Ravine

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I first submitted this article on Wikipedia but it wasn’t Notable enough unfortunately. So here it is, fully available for centuries to come. Name : Toxic Ravine Developer : Glenn Wichman Released : 1989 Genre : Action Modes : Single player Platforms : Mac OS (OS 6 for version 1.1 and OS 7 for version […]