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How to configure a multi mouse button in Linux

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I just got a multi mouse button for the first time, I usually was avoiding them because I was sure they wouldn’t work in Linux. I was wrong. Here’s a short and easy tutorial on how to configure one. For my mouse and what I wanted to do, there’s 2 buttons on the left side […]

How to install and use MagMI for Magento

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2016-07-04: Updated for MagMI 0.7.23 If you’re the quick thinking type and just need an example of a MagMI CSV file to get started, click the link! Introduction MagMI stands for “Magento Mass Importer”, it lets you import products stored in CSV files. Even if your store only has 20 products, it’s still a good […]

Install latest Flash on latest Firefox in Linux

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For various reasons I wanted to install the latest Firefox with the latest Flash on my Linux computer. Should be quick and easy right. Turns out there’s a few exceptions! First step is easy, download Firefox, the one I got was firefox-24.0.tar.bz2 Extract it and put the firefox folder in your home folder so it […]

How to download videos from (and convert to mp3)

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Here’s a simple and free way to download videos from, I’m writing this because I haven’t found anything on the web. I tried Ant Video Downloader but it doesn’t work. Then there’s GetFLV but you have to pay for it. There’s also a few online websites that can do it for you but none […]

Farmville 2

Fastest way to make money in Farmville 2 (no cheats)

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Updated January, 7th 2016 – I’m now at level 152 Note: I started out this guide on how to make the most money in Farmville 2, however I found out how to have lots of money, now the problem turned out to be the experience so I have tweaked this guide on how to get […]

How to create a torrent without tracker using only DHT

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The BitTorrent protocol is quite handy when transferring large files. It also helps to alleviate the bandwitdh of the one sending the files since other clients can also share what they have downloaded. When this protocol started in 2001, you needed to have a tracker to use it. It’s an address of a specific server […]

Electronic cigarettes business cards

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I was a bit tired of having to explain what is an ecig so I thought it would be a good idea to have a business card with the basic information on it. Turns out there’s plenty of business cards on the internet and they’re all missing som crucial information on each of them. So […]

Swords of Chaos

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Active servers (website) (telnet) – Replica of Seabreeze with the Polestar building (telnet) Information Here is the whole map of the game. Name : Swords of Chaos Developer : GamePort Latest release version : 4.17 (around 1996) Released : 1990 Genre : Role-playing game Platform : Telnet with a server running MajorBBS […]

Toxic Ravine

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I first submitted this article on Wikipedia but it wasn’t Notable enough unfortunately. So here it is, fully available for centuries to come. Name : Toxic Ravine Developer : Glenn Wichman Released : 1989 Genre : Action Modes : Single player Platforms : Mac OS (OS 6 for version 1.1 and OS 7 for version […]