A tribute to Adventures of Lolo and others

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This page is a tribute to the Nintendo game Adventures of Lolo and all other games which are look alike. This is a simple puzzle type game where you basically just push blocks but can be extremely challenging given some complex variations!

This will be an ongoing work where I list games in chronological order that I find based on the same concept, subscribe to know when there’s new modifications!


  1. 1981 – Sokoban (Macintosh)
  2. 1989 – Adventures of Lolo (NES)
  3. 1990 – Adventures of Lolo 2 (NES)
  4. 1991 – Adventures of Lolo 3 (NES)
  5. 1991 – Adventures of Lolo (Game Boy)
  6. 2004 – RM2K Lolo (Windows)
  7. 2005 – Adventures of Bobo (Windows)
  8. 2009 – Toho Reimu Labyrinth (Windows)

1981 – Sokoban

This is where everything started, made by a japanese in 1981. The game is easy to learn but in some levels, there’s so many possibilities to what your next move might be that you need to think a lot about what you are going to do. This game concept is so interesting and fun that it’s been release on pretty much all consoles since 1981! As of 2019, it is still available for PCs, tablets and mobiles.

The version I like quite a bit is the one on Macintosh 7.5.5 made by Scott Lindhurst in 1992, there’s more than just the 50 original levels from 1981, there’s a total of 369 levels and is available for free at http://sneezingtiger.com/sokoban/ but it might be quite complex to run, especially on Windows where you need an emulator like Basilisk II and also a ROM file like a Quadra 650.

Dimitry & Yorick61
Simple Sokoban60
Still More35
Sokowahn Sample20

More information on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sokoban.

Complete walkthrough by Zurd

1989 – Adventures of Lolo

The original Lolo, only 50 levels available in a 11×11 grid and they are quite easy, takes about 25 minutes to complete them when you know the mechanics of the game and you have already completed it. However, it takes 4 hours and 30 minutes for an experienced gamer like the Mexican Runner to complete it for a first time. So it will take much longer for someone else. More information on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adventures_of_Lolo.

Complete walkthrough by The Mexican Runner

Complete walkthrough by World of Longplays

1990 – Adventures of Lolo 2

The sequel, 50 levels and 4 pro levels if you enter the password PROA, PROB, PROC and PROD. Again, a 11×11 grid and they are also quite easy but a few levels starts to be challenging especially when you reach the Castle levels. They’ve started to include boss fight in this game since at the end completely, you will fight one.

More information on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adventures_of_Lolo_2.

Complete walkthrough by Cornshaq

Speedrun by TASVideosChannel in 23:31.52

1991 – Adventures of Lolo 3

More levels and a lot more challenging! A total of 100 levels also in a 11×11 grid including 10 training rooms which are quite useful to learn the mechanics of the game. They also added a lot more boss fights for a total of 5, they are easy but fun. Even though they added training rooms, the game still starts incredibly easy but becomes very challenging fast. Some levels takes over an hour for the first time to complete.

More information on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adventures_of_Lolo_3.

Complete walkthrough by Epic Game

1994 – Adventures of Lolo


Complete walkthrough by MetalSmasherGaming

2004 – RM2K Lolo

This is a simple fanmade clone made by RealOne aka RealYoshi. Only 15 levels in a 15 x 13 grid. Lolo runs extremely fast compared to other games, you cannot push block half a space and there is no Medusa’s which makes the game a lot more easy than others. It is extremely amateurish but it is still a fun game, especially the End Boss which is really fun to play, just for him, the game is worth it. The music in the game is from the original Lolo game but all other music is taken from Bubble Bobbles, Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania and Kid Icarus from the NES. The game still runs fine on Windows 10 but the fonts are invisible, you can still find your way through the menu.

Click here to download the game.

Complete walkthrough by Real1Gaming

Complete walkthrough by Zurd

2005 – Adventures of Bobo

A fanmade clone of the original Adventures of Lolo, there is only 46 levels in a 11×11 grid and most of the levels are quite easy. This is not a challenging game compared to the others. The last levels are a bit challenging but nothing compared to the others. It is still fun as it has some unique features such as the clone which duplicate in reverse your action, the penguin which will follow exactly where you went (he is so annoying!) or the ice where you completely slide.

It was programmed by Raj Sharma and was released in 2005, you can see the history of it at this link: https://www.gamedev.net/forums/topic/363712-the-adventures-of-bobo-/.

It run on Windows 10 just fine but do you need to right-click the executable file and choose “Run as Administrator” so that it can be installed. The game isn’t available anymore on the original forum but you can download it here.

Complete walkthrough by Zurd

2009 – Toho Reimu Labyrinth

Also known as “Touhou Scarlet Scarlet Devil Mansion Labyrinth” or “Adventures of Reimu”, it was released in 2009 by Banshee Software. It is a clone of the original game made in Japan. There is 20 tutorial levels and 60 levels for a total of 80 levels in a 11×11 grid. The enemies looks different than the original game but they are the exact same thing. Everything in this game is just like the original Lolo game.

Even though, it has exactly the same grid layout as the original game, this is one of the most challenging clone game! Some levels can take hours to complete, the complexity is high and there is so much possibilities to try before finding the solution.

This game is hard but so fun! As usual, the tutorial levels are easy but then the complexity of the puzzle gets high very quickly. The 10 Final levels are extremly long to finish and extremely complex because there is so much possible things to try. If you do play this game, make sure you play other games first because you will need all of Lolo’s tricks to finish this game.

Note that I have never been able to finish the level Final-3. I spent over 15 hours on this level, trying every possible combination. I even sent an email early 2019 to support@banshee.jp for their help and they did reply, saying the level was possible and they tried to help me but they haven’t said anything that I didn’t know. I have asked multiple times for a solution but never got a reply back.

It runs just fine on Windows 10 but you must first run dxwebsetup.exe which will install DirectX 9 then you can open meikyu.exe. Use the arrows on your keyboard for the movement. Use A to select or use an item. Use B to reset the level and use Q to quit the level.

The original game is still available by clicking on this link. But in case it doesn’t work anymore, you can also download it on this website here.

Complete walkthrough by Zurd

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