Ikari Warriors – Nintendo – 1987

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This post is just a few tips and notes on the game plus what I went through to finally beat the game without the cheat code ABBA. Links GameFAQShttps://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/nes/587347-ikari-warriors/data Wikipediahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikari_Warriors SpeedRunhttps://www.speedrun.com/Ikari_Warriors Map Here is the Complete Map. Other maps are incomplete so I had to make my own. It’s also one image file for all […]

Safety Edge Razor & Blades Review

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Double Edge Safety Razor or just safety razor has become more popular in the last few years so early 2020 I started testing them to see what it’s all about. Turns out I had the chance to try a lot of different razors and blades so here’s what I learned along the way. Pricing: That’s […]

A tribute to Adventures of Lolo and others

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This page is a tribute to the Nintendo game Adventures of Lolo and all other games which are look alike. This is a simple puzzle type game where you basically just push blocks but can be extremely challenging given some complex variations! This will be an ongoing work where I list games in chronological order […]


How to stop Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 from spying on you

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Quick how-to Extremely quick how-to for computer savvy people. But read on for a detailed version. Install all the Windows Update until there’s no more to install Go here: https://github.com/WindowsLies/BlockWindows Click Download ZIP at the middle-right to download the file Unzip the file Double-click the file DisableWifiSense.reg Double-click the file hosts.bat Right-click the file BlockWindows.bat […]


Khan Academy – Torrent of all the videos

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Download Torrent of all the videos of Khan Academy (version 2020-05-15) Introduction Khan Academy is a website offering thousands of free educational videos on a lot of different subjects: Mathematics, Science, History, Economics, Astronomy, Art history and a lot more! The Wikipedia article of Khan Academy has more details on what it is exactly. The […]

How to install and use MagMI for Magento

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2016-07-04: Updated for MagMI 0.7.23 If you’re the quick thinking type and just need an example of a MagMI CSV file to get started, click the link! Introduction MagMI stands for “Magento Mass Importer”, it lets you import products stored in CSV files. Even if your store only has 20 products, it’s still a good […]